Capri Teague Marinello

Utah Business Consulting Services Leader Capri Teague Marinello

Based in Utah, Capri Teague Marinello is a business consulting services leader at Capri Teague Marinello Consulting LLC in Salt Lake City. She excels at providing business leaders with personalized growth strategies and social media marketing campaigns. Her efforts involve the introduction of leading marketing techniques and other growth-focused tactics. She is well versed in techniques for reaching targeted audiences and clients and improving clients’ online search engine results, as well as boosting profit margins.

Her professional accolades are highlighted by Businesswoman of the Year honors in 2019. Since then she has also been named Consultant of the Year and Business Content Creator of the Year.

She studied business as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley, achieving a bachelor of arts, and continues to enhance her business skills by attending numerous business and entrepreneurial conferences. She also supports a number of nonprofits, including the American Cancer Society and the American Autism Association.

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Capri Teague Marinello
Salt Lake City, UT US